1. Truth literally tore the roof off the DEEP MEDi boat party at Outlook Festival 2014.
    They recorded some of their closing set, Click Here to watch it.
  2. Kaiju are saying Thank You for helping them reach 5K followers on Facebook

    Not long to wait for their exclusive forthcoming release on MEDi

    (Click the above image to listen and download ‘Late Night Tribe’)

  3. MEDi release schedule is heaving!

    Heat incoming from Commodo, Gorgon Sound, Kahn, Gantz, Kaiju, Jack Sparrow, Compa, Quest and Silkie.

  4. MEDi081 - Truth

    30,000ft / Gangsters / Trenchtown / Lucid

    (Click Here To Buy)

    Release Date: 28.04.14

  5. We are pleased to announce Kaiju are joining DEEP MEDi

    More news to follow

  6. MEDi080 - K Man

    Electro Magnetic Destroyer / Propane

    (Click Here To Buy)

    Release Date: 24.02.14

  7. MEDi078 - Gantz

    Spry Sinister / Rising

    (Click Here To Buy)

    Release Date: 13.01.14

  8. MEDi076 - A/T/O/S - What I Need

    Free Download


    Release Date: 03.03.14